NFL Playoffs

Here is the format for the NFL Playoffs in FourPlay Football:

  1. We are adding Over/Unders to our format!
  2. For the playoffs, the tease amount drops from +14 down to +10 for the Wild Card and Divisional Rounds, and down to +6 for the Conference Championships (with a reduced number of picks for each week).

What are Over/Unders?

If the normal Vegas Over/Under is set at 55, you would be selecting between an Under of 65 (55 + 10) and an Over of 45 (55 – 10). In the Under example, the total score of the game must be less than 65 points (remember in FourPlay a tie/push is a loss) in order to win the pick. In the Over example, the total score of the game must be greater than 45 points to have a winning pick.

Wild Card & Divisional Rounds

There are 4 games (8 teams) with Over/Unders as picking options. The spreads and Over/Unders are only teased +10 points. 4 picks required. There are only 3 picks required (16 options to choose from).

Week 20: Conference Championships

There are 2 games (4 teams) with Over/Unders. The spreads and over/under are only teased 6 points. There are only 2 picks required (8 options to choose from).

Week 21: The Big Game

There is 1 big game (2 teams) with a real Over/Under. No tease, 1 pick required (4 to choose from)

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NCAA Playoffs

The dates for the bowl games are as TBD.

The format is the same as the regular season: Make four picks with a +14 point tease.

Bowl Week 1

Bowl Week 2

Bowl & Playoff Week 3